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07 March 2024

Celebrating Winslow’s women in construction

Winslow is future focused on supporting our women and we believe that “you can’t be what you can’t see”.

Our Women of Winslow program highlights and celebrates positive role modelling of women in positions across our Group, by developing training opportunities, capability and diversity that engage and empower our women to pursue many career opportunities at Winslow confidently.

The Women of Winslow mentoring program is creating and developing female leaders, impacting the culture of Winslow.

As part of Women in Construction Week and International Women’s Day, we celebrate some of Winslow Group’s women thriving in the civil construction industry. 

Maxie joined Winslow Infrastructure as a Traffic Coordinator before becoming Winslow's first female Foreperson.

"Gender doesn't dictate roles or responsibilities within the team,” Maxie says.

“In my eyes, Winslow Infrastructure is a versatile team that encourages internal growth within the business for everyone.

"I have found the transition to my new role more rewarding than I expected and encourage everyone to give any new opportunity given to them a go!"

WC WIC Maddison 1200x627

For Winslow Constructors apprentice labourer Maddison, a career in construction appealed to her thanks to her role model who really sold it.

She joined Winslow last year after completing Year 10 to commence an apprenticeship while she studies a Certificate III in Civil Construction at National Skills Institute.

“My dad (Mick) has worked in construction for many years, and he inspired me to seek a career in construction,” she says.

Winslow Queensland Project Engineer Caitlin says working in civil construction has exposed her to a diverse range of experiences.

“I feel as though I have had the opportunity to learn a lot within a relatively short amount of time,” Caitlin says.

“There is a strong culture of humour and comradery that I don’t think you would get in many other industries.”

It’s the Winslow Way.