Winslow is pre-qualified to deliver projects up to $100 Million.

Certified to the highest ISO standards, Winslow is pre-qualified to deliver projects up to $100 Million for a variety of project types. Winslow also maintains pre-qualification status with a number of Tier 1 clients.

Our Business Management System (BMS) is accredited with the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (FSC), and we are a systems certified contractor under the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) code. Winslow is also pre-qualified to perform electrical infrastructure works with the Victorian Electricity Distribution Network (VEDN).

Winslow holds VicRoads pre-qualification categories of R4 Road Construction, B3 Bridge Construction, and F50.

In all our works, we aim to protect Australian culture and history, and conserve biodiversity. Our land management plans respect Indigenous Protected Areas, and are created whenever projects have the potential to impact on an area of Indigenous-owned land.

Download Certificate of Approval with Standard – Civil Contractors Federation Construction Management Code
Download Certificate of Prequalification VicRoads R4 B3 F50