Roads and Bridges

Project: Calder Freeway : Harcourt South Section
Location: Harcourt, Victoria
Client: VicRoads, Calder Freeway Corridor
Consulting Engineer: CW-DC, Connell Wagner
Start Date: October 2006
Completion Date: April 2009
Contract Value: $71.6m (approx.)

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Project Description

Covering 1.1 million cubic metres, 40+ kilometres, and 7 span bridges of works, Winslow reviewed the Freeway design to cut the project delivery time by half. Due to severe drought, we were required to independently source water to complete the appropriate works, involving constructing dams and bores, and liaising with neighbouring land owners.

Winslow complied wholly to environmental guidelines to prevent further disruption to the harsh surroundings, worked efficiently to minimise potential weather-induced obstacles, and made use of advanced technologies to promptly complete the project.