Residential Subdivision

Project: Aspire Estate
Location: Plumpton, Victoria
Client: Beattys Road Holdings Pty Ltd
Consulting Engineer: Breese Pitt Dixon Pty Ltd
Start Date: April 2011
Completion Date: In Progress
Contract Value: $27m (approx.)

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Project Description

Aspire is located in Plumpton, Just 30km north-west of the CBD. Over 20% of Aspire’s overall plan consists of open space, including five parks with a total space of 2.5 hectares and 8,500m² of parklands.

One of the challenges faced during this project was a drainage outfall into adjacent property and rocky ground condition. To overcome this challenge, we communicated with adjacent land owners to ensure they know how our works will affect their land and how adverse impacts will be avoided or minimised.