The Winslow Group is a set of businesses established to service Winslow Constructors and its core business, civil construction. Together with Winslow Constructors, these businesses provide an all-encompassing civil construction solution for our client’s projects.

Civil Contractors Australia

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Civil Contractors Australia constructs residential and industrial subdivisions in the South East Queensland region. The team of experienced project managers, foremen, construction crews and operators work alongside land developers to deliver many quality estates, some of the largest in Australia.

Survey Management Solutions (SMS)


SMS conducts set outs for all the works in Winslow, including earthworks, roads, drainage, sewerage and other structures. SMS uses cutting edge survey technology including GPS machine control and Total Station equipment for feature and level surveys to manage civil construction projects of all sizes and complexity.

Trafman Solutions


Trafman Solutions is our traffic management business. In addition to providing traffic control services, Trafman Solutions generate Traffic Management Plans where roads and services may affect communities. Our highly trained personnel manage traffic and operate company owned assets. These include arrow boards, VMS boards, barriers, signage and fully equipped vehicles to minimise and safely manage traffic disruptions. Services extend to include equipment hire, traffic signage installation, road sawing and core drilling.

Yarra Valley Excavations (YVE)


YVE is a qualified water mains business. YVE program manages and installs Water reticulation systems, as well as Gas and Sewer infrastructure. YVE plan and schedule pipe laying, water quality testing and connection of running water. We manage the relationship and process between all stakeholders, including water authorities, the community and the client.